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My name is Kamila and I'm 30 years old. I graduated from the University of Economics and at school I told my friends that I would make a film one day. It was fun and we laughed at it. At that time, I had no idea where life would take me or what I would really like from life or what I would like to make a living from. But I always believed that life itself would show me the way and that there was no point in planning. And I continue to do that.


My shooting started with the acquisition of a GoPro, but after buying the drone for Christmas, filming took on a completely different dimension. I started filming weddings and real estate, and as usual, I was excited. That's why I decided to take the shooting seriously, invested in quality equipment, and developed the technique of shooting and editing videos. My strength is empathy and the ability to capture emotions.

What I love the most in my work is meeting new people, whether colleagues or clients, who inspire me incredibly and broaden my horizons. Every new project is a challenge and I love it. I enjoy how unique each person is and how beautiful it can be to discover common paths.

Since 2021, I have also been working as a teacher at a multimedia high school in Czech Republic, where I lead a seminar about short film and filming in general. I also provide private lessons about shooting with a camera or flying with a drone.

Filming gave me a new meaning in life, the ambition to move forward and improve in many ways. Therefore, I can say that I have finally found myself in this. If you believe something, you can make it happen.


Currently I use Canon EOS 1D X Mark III, lens Canon EF 24 - 70 mm f/2.8 L II USM and Sigma 14 - 24 mm f/2.8 DG. Gimbal DJI Ronin – RS 2. I have 2 same cameras just in case of a technical failure or for the needs of a second cameraman, the second gimbal is Ronin - S.

I use Tascam DR - 10L as audio system. I have 3 recorders: 2 black and one white primarily for brides. I also use a microphone Rode NT2-A with recording device.

I use the drone DJI Mavic Air 2, with which I obtained a permit to fly from the Civil Aviation Authority. If the place of filming and the weather allow it, I always fly with a drone already in the price of the offer.

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